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Hong Kong
City Hall


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Grade 1 Historic Building

The Hong Kong City Hall is the first multi-purpose cultural complex ever built to provide the community of Hong Kong with an array of cultural and artistic programmes.  It celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2022.  Over the years, it has not only enhanced the spiritual life of the public, but has also nurtured countless artistic talents.  In addition to being a cradle for the growth of local arts groups and artists, the City Hall, a major cultural venue in Hong Kong, also provides a stage for top notch artists and arts groups from around the world to make their debut in Hong Kong.

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International Architectural Style

60 years ago, the City Hall is an outstanding example of Modernist architecture, making it especially noticeable among the Victorian surroundings.  The minimalistic style yet practical function greatly connected the City Hall with the people. This architectural style made the civic centre a landmark design and set the trend for the Hong Kong architecture at the time.  The City Hall was declared a monument in 2022, coinciding with its 60th birthday, recognises the value of the City Hall to the historical, social and cultural development of Hong Kong, and allows the venue to be permanently conserved as the 'youngest monument'. In the years to come, it will continue to serve as a source of inspiration for artists and contribute to the continuous and multi-faceted development of the arts in Hong Kong.

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